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Buprofezin 400g

Buprofezin 400g

  • item Price:Warood Alrabee Agricalture
  • Made In:China
  • Add In:2020-11-28
  • Added By:shawki
  • Category:insecticides
  • Description

    Use technical requirements: 1. Apply the pesticide in the period of large numbers of young nymphs, spray with water evenly, depending on the occurrence of insect pests, you can reapply it after 14 days. 2. Do not apply on windy days or when rainfall is expected within 1 hour. 4. This product is more sensitive to radishes and cabbages and should be avoided during

  • Crops: Rice- Citrus - Tomato - Tea

  • Harmful organism name : Rice planthopper - Scale insect (Coccoidea) - Leafhopper (Cicadellidae)- Citrus psyllid - Whitefly - Tea leafhopper


Buprofezin 400g

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