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About Us

The company is a leading company with a long history and has contributed since its inception in 1999 in the city of Al Ain to establish the rules of agricultural work and practice and continues to play a leading role in the development of the agricultural sector and overcome the obstacles and difficulties that stand in its way and to reach the best results by getting the highest The quantities of production possible from the unit area and the control of agricultural pests that lead to loss of production or reduce it as we provide the best agricultural inputs of high quality and raised the level of awareness and education of agricultural farms in the UAE through the transfer of knowledge and scientific experience and While we strive to keep up with the technological development. Our mission since our inception was to provide quality integrated agricultural products and consultancy at competitive prices using the best competencies and technologies to meet the needs of the agricultural market.

We operate through a number of branches located in the UAE, Gulf countries and around the world such as


- Sell Agricultural House Supplies
- Sell Agricultural pesticides
- Sell Irrigation materials
- Sell Hybrid and external seeds
- Sell Agricultural fertilizers
- Sell Agricultural Machinery Tools - Projects


- Sell seeds
- Chemicals
- pharmaceutical
- Materials for greenhouses
- Installation and maintenance of greenhouses


-Trading of irrigation materials


- Agricultural House Supplies
- Agricultural pesticides
- Irrigation materials
- Hybrid and external seeds


- Contracting And Landscaping
- Agricultural contracting
- Installation of green houses
- Installation of poultry houses
- Irrigation networks


- Agricultural seed production


Our company is characterized by great confidence from our customers in different products and our products and it is a great honor to deal with you and we always wish to be in the place of your precious trust as the company and spring roses from the largest agricultural companies and always under your mind

Quality and workmanship

Quality and workmanship are the characteristics of our well-known work. Our company is characterized by a professional approach to complete the work tasks to the fullest extent to suit the customer as we are always working to satisfy our customers in various fields

Total warranty

We guarantee all our projects and products with a full and comprehensive guarantee to the satisfaction of our customers either guarantee our products from the companies produced or in our projects from the company to ensure the completion and delivery of work to the fullest

We are Happy to Join Us

We are pleased to join you and participate in our website to follow up the quality of our new products and various projects carried out by the company in different parts of the UAE, which is distinguished without the accuracy of work and delivery to the fullest

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